Since 1976 Bos Exhausts has steadily built a reputation for itself when it comes to innovative exhaust systems. Drawing on these fifty years of experience with various types of exhaust systems such as those for street bikes, cruisers, custom built bikes, off-roads, scooters and special projects including exhausts in motor racing, we launch a sensational line of exhaust systems that perfectly matches the design and feel of today’s motorcycles.

The Bos Exhausts concept has been tried and tested over the years. New technologies and feedback from racing teams that we sponsor are immediately used to advantage in the production process. Every new system is put to the test on our Dynojet in order to ensure more power output while retaining that awesome Bos sound. To this very day we apply all our experience and know-how to the production of motorcycle exhaust systems exclusively.

Universal E4 exhaust with removable DB killer

Prijs Vanaf 249€